CHIC Magazine Launch

Saturday was the launch of Durban’s new magazine CHIC (Current, Hip, Inspired, Creatives) at cocktail lounge Fetish. Thanks to CHIC editor Sumaiya Wilson and creative director Phillisha Paridesi, the evening was quite an event! Check out what ‘devour‘ had to say…

Durbanites, keep an eye out for the free magazine in shopping malls…you’ll find a little insight into Christy-Anne jewellery on page 25.

Showcasing my work

Fashion show by Bianca Kim Clothing

Many thanks to Samantha Legg Photography for capturing the event.


Flavours Exhibition

The Flavours Exhibition opened on Monday evening and I think it came out rather successfully. I think I speak for everyone when I say that puting together an exhibition takes a lot of planning and preparation, and I certainly learnt a lot from this experience.

Flavours exhibition 055a

I was fairly happy with my display and although it could have been improved on I think I managed to obtain the ‘look’ I was going for. I wanted it very simple but elegant, and to have a sophisticated appeal to it. I also wanted to capture the interest in different surface textures and patterns that my jewellery is often influenced by.

Flavours exhibition 014Flavours exhibition 004

Flavours exhibition 013Flavours exhibition 007

Many thanks to everyone who helped in any way with the exhibition, and to all those who supported us*

Working with Pewter

In preparing for my exhibition I have been trying to decide what to do on the wall behind my stands. I originally wanted to cover the tops of my stands with patterned pewter but my jewellery seemed to get lost when I put it on top. I have therefore decided to use the pewter on the back wall rather because I think it enhances the effect of my jewellery with its rich surface texture and patterning.

I’ve never worked with pewter before so I am winging it really and just picking up tips from books and people. I’m enjoying playing around with a new metal and getting different finishes on it. Here are some test pieces…

jewellery 005jewellery 007

jewellery 012

Display ideas…

I have an exhibition approaching soon and need to figure out what my diplay is going to look like. I have a few ideas and would really like to know what you think of them or any further suggestions you may have…

Things I need to consider:

– The viewer must be able to interact with the jewellery on display (touch, look closely)

– The interchangeability and versatility of the jewellery must be evident.

– The display must be eye-catching and draw the viewer closer to look.

My first Idea was to take monotone photos of a model in various poses and print life-size areas of the photos (eg: neck) onto canvas. I will then attach my jewellery pieces onto the canvases in the appropriate areas. Jewellery pieces will also be displayed on surfaces attached to the walls below.


The second idea is to create segments in which each separate ‘range’ will be displayed. This will be done with the use of division boards. In each segment there will be photos as mentioned in the first idea, along with a plinth to display the jewellery pieces.


Display decisions

Its our end of year display coming up soon and my mind has been occupied with how I’m going to set up my display….I wanted to bring in my layering and collaging somehow but I’m scared it could be too overpowering and busy. I’d really like it to be simple and effective, so after thinking and sketching through some options I think I’ve settled on something.

I’ve decided on doing a thin strip of collage behind my plinth, but the collage will be kept simple and light with the use of transparences, and I will make small simple frames to highlight important pieces. Lets hope it works!