For the ‘Memories’ exhibition at ARTISAN Gallery I wanted to draw from positive experiential memories in my own life, but translate them in a way that they would trigger a similar experience in the viewer’s memory. This evolved from memories of certain stimuli to different senses that I thought people might relate to such as…’the sun on my skin and life in the air’ or ‘it was then I found peace’…I chose to use wording to create a picture, ambiguous enough to simply start a thought or memory process.

My choice to use the form of flower petals relates back to memories I have of being in the garden, a place of joy for me. The petal I use as a metaphor to life’s experiences; just as one or two petals seem purposeless on their own, when composed together they are something extraordinary and beautiful. In life, small meaningless experiences when seen later in a bigger picture, can become a very special and integral part of who we are. It is these small, maybe simple but special moments that I chose to capture as petals of my life flower.

The chips of ceramic were from broken tea cups- also relating back to memories of my Grandmothers.


I recently happened apon a beautiful silver teaspoon that had belonged to my late grandmother. Immediatedly it brought back wonderful memories of my younger days spent at my Grandparents’ ; old large Rhodesian houses with beautiful wooden furnature and ornamentaions of all sorts influenced by a covetted British upbringing. A mixture of beautiful porcelain china and silverware, with rustic lampshades and dusty Zimbabwean landscapes…..all this from a little teaspoon .

I was very drawn to a beautiful motif imbedded into the spoon and have been inspired by it considerabley in terms of designs for my jewellery, and my journey in exploring different ways of ornamentation in jewellery.

My Jewellery Photo Album

My Photo Album

Last year I decided to make a range of jewellery linked to personal memories. I created what I called ‘My Photo Album‘ where I took old photos of special people in my life and set them into jewellery, with a verse that I relate to that person or memory, engraved on the back.

This developed from the concept of the locket, where one carries or wears a photo or something special close to their heart.

I set the photos in ‘liquid glass’ and mounted them
in sterling silver frames.
^ Pendants of my mother and father

^ Brooch of my Grandparents

This pendant captures memories from my childhood in Zimbabwe.
I felt these memories needed to be captured and set because it is
no longer the country I remember it to be and is no longer the
home of my past, so this piece was almost a preservation of what
is left of the Zimbabwe I know.

I set a section of the old Zim $2 note, with a sketch of an orchid
flower over.