The Durban University of Technology’s Jewellery Department had our end of year Jewellery exhibition Diploma show on Tuesday night. I thought it was a very successful display of some of the talent in our midst. A congratulations to all the graduating third years! There’s definately some talented jewellers breaking into the scene! Another congratulations to the graduating B-Tech students! They set a high standard for us next year with some wonderful displays. Here are the three graduants’ displays and some of their work, which I have no doubt will start becoming familiar in the industry!


Above is a display by Kelly Meyer who makes jewellery under the name ‘Fusion’ where she links the gap between ‘commercial’ jewellery and gothic jewellery. Here are some of her most recent pieces:2008-diploma-show-0042008-diploma-show-006

Nick Rose who makes jewellery under the name ‘Cyber Alchemist’ explores industrial materials being used in a non conventional way to make jewellery. His work incorperates technology and jewellery in an interactive dimension. Here are some pictures of his display and work:



Sofia Kemm‘s jewellery has a very classical, Victorian feel to it and she captured this well with her display:



Display test run

As my end of year display is comming up very soon and the days are flying by, it was time I got to work on it! So I started off this weekend by making some basic frames to frame my jewellery.


I decided to set up a practice run of my display to see if my ideas would work. All I can say is thank goodness I did! My collage idea was not as effective as I thought it would be, here was the rough attempt to get a visual idea for myself:


The idea was to have a strip out with a collage of where I get my inspiration from and some test pieces. I thought having my jewellery in frames would be enough for it to stand out, but I was mistaken. So… plan B was to use abstract photosof my jewellery that I had taken throughout the year, and come up with a more simple, clean composition. Here is the result:


Display decisions

Its our end of year display coming up soon and my mind has been occupied with how I’m going to set up my display….I wanted to bring in my layering and collaging somehow but I’m scared it could be too overpowering and busy. I’d really like it to be simple and effective, so after thinking and sketching through some options I think I’ve settled on something.

I’ve decided on doing a thin strip of collage behind my plinth, but the collage will be kept simple and light with the use of transparences, and I will make small simple frames to highlight important pieces. Lets hope it works!