Abstract Views

Lately I have been playing around with taking photos of my jewellery in a way that it does not look like jewellery, and the pictures merely focus on the focal elements of the pieces.

After casting some of my elements recently, I found myself not wanting to make them into jewellery because I thought they were so beautiful just as the pieces of metal that they were. Not wanting to lose these elements by cutting them up, I decided to take some photographs…


emotive references

At the moment I am busy sourcing up references that will lead me to my next phase of manufacture. There is a lot building up that I am excited for, I’m just struggling to find the energy to put the motivation into action….

I found a flicker page today by confusedvision with photo’s that really tugged at something inside me! I think they are so beautiful in the way they have such an immense emotive quality! I am no photographer or expert in the field in any way, but the use of composition, colour, and textures in the scenes are captivating! I also feel like the pictures have a ‘painted’ quality about them.

Here are just a few, but I recommend checking out the site!



Contextual photography

Thinking about how to photograph my jewellery has got me noticing things about photos and pictures lately. While reading through a book on Tiffany jewellery, I came across the picture below and really liked the way that the layout and set-up of the photograph creates such a dense context for the pieces that are actually being viewed. I think I need to try this! I do however, think that one needs to be carefull with a set up like this because it could very easily become too much and detract completely from the pieces that are the focus.

Experimenting with photography

I‘m trying to figure out the best ways to photograph my jewellery. Obviously I realize this will change according to the subject matter, but I’ve been doing a little experimentation with different lighting and atmospheres. I by no means consider myself a photographer of any sort! but have considerably enjoyed this process 8) …. I am, however, struggling to decide on which ones work best, so I thought I’d ask everyone who views this post to give me some feedback on the pictures and what they think. Constructive criticism is very welcome and any suggestions would be great!