Picturesque paper

Well, after a long break in my blogging I thought it was about time to start again, and with a little inspiration…

Here is beautifully textured work by Noriko Ambe that excites the senses of sight and touch quite effectively. The use of layering to  create depth is explored dramatically with stacks of white paper made in Japan called Yupo.

“I found that I am concerned less about the end, and more about the ‘doing’. The process of creating is equally as important as the finished work”.

Noriko Ambe (Daily Art Muse article)

… Now doesn’t that sound familiar?


Heather Smith Jones

I cant think of a better way to start a morning of creativity than by finding something inspiring, and today is my lucky day! I am delighted to share with you my new find, the work of Heather Smith Jones….

Pinhole patterns

Heather Smith Jones is a paper artist. She uses loads of wonderful techniques but it was her pinhole project that caught my eye immediately! It has such a fresh and delicate lace-like appeal to it and embodies the kind of spirit I hope to capture in my jewellery. It seemed to remind me of my ‘White Lace’ range…

white lace bangle

white lace bangle 2

I think the pinhole technique also reminds me of the intricate and time consuming process of lace weaving and how a dense amount of small, insignificant elements (holes or knots) can create something beautiful.

pinhole project2pinhole project2