For the ‘Memories’ exhibition at ARTISAN Gallery I wanted to draw from positive experiential memories in my own life, but translate them in a way that they would trigger a similar experience in the viewer’s memory. This evolved from memories of certain stimuli to different senses that I thought people might relate to such as…’the sun on my skin and life in the air’ or ‘it was then I found peace’…I chose to use wording to create a picture, ambiguous enough to simply start a thought or memory process.

My choice to use the form of flower petals relates back to memories I have of being in the garden, a place of joy for me. The petal I use as a metaphor to life’s experiences; just as one or two petals seem purposeless on their own, when composed together they are something extraordinary and beautiful. In life, small meaningless experiences when seen later in a bigger picture, can become a very special and integral part of who we are. It is these small, maybe simple but special moments that I chose to capture as petals of my life flower.

The chips of ceramic were from broken tea cups- also relating back to memories of my Grandmothers.


Beauty Within (Ring)

This locket ring with garnet follows the same concept as the locket I made previously; Precious beauty kept on the inside, away from harm, much like how people protect themselves from being hurt by creating a facade. I have pierced a pattern in the top lid, so that a slight hint of what is inside can be seen.

Beauty Within (Locket)

This sterling silver locket is a portrayal of how people are often miss-judged, and how there is so much beauty and character to be discovered hidden inside someone. What they seem on the outside is only the tip on the iceberg.

I have created an open section on the front of the locket as a ‘peep hole’ to what’s inside. Once the locket is opened, a pierced, oxidized door seperates the two sides, allowing something precious to be enclosed.