I’ve been thinking about jewellery in the context of its relationship between the artist, the wearer and the viewer.

How often when we make a piece of jewellery do we think so much about the wearer, and actually forget about the viewer. Is the viewer not just as important? The wearer naturally has more of a connection with the piece of jewellery than the person looking at it, but when the piece is viewed on the wearer, is it not put into a completely new context? This context of the wearer could actually enhance the piece considerably!

So as an artist, is our piece ever viewed in the way we intend it to be if the perception and aesthetic judgement of it is constantly changing? I dont think so, and I think that is what is so beautiful about being a creator; you are the beginning of a snowball effect of people tuning in to a connection inside them, and what starts as one piece with a specific meaning or intention, ends up gathering more and more significance and meaning as it is exposed.