Enamel earrings

Here’s some result from my efforts at enamelling; a few pairs of earrings. At a showday I had recently it was these earrings that received the most attention of all my jewellery but interestingly, every person that ordered them wanted them in silver…I’m not too sure what to think of that?

Black enamel earringSmall white enamel earring

White enamel earrings


Red Eye Ruffles

I’ve finished my RedEye piece and have to say that I’m quite excited to see how it’s going to look on the night. I think the layers of material, lace and metal are rather effective.

Red Eye Piece 2009 079

I used the wire pattern I experimented with for my platinum piece earlier as a trimming at the top. This was made by bending the wire around nails that I had hammered into a wooden block.

Red Eye Piece 2009 057Red Eye Piece 2009 050

Red Eye Piece 2009 084

I decided to make an earring to be worn on the opposite side, this I made with enamelled silver…

Red Eye Piece 2009 092

Watch this space for photos of the piece at the event…see you there!

Hot-glue lace

jewellery 045I have been messing around with hot glue to try and create a lacey-crochet effect. I’m not really sure where I’m going with it but I’ve enjoyed experimenting with something out of my ordinary. I love the translucency of it when the light shines on the glue and I think mixed with some silver elements it could evolve into an interesting pair of earrings.

jewellery 034

Silhouette Earrings

pierced earrings 010a

I have just finished these earrings and am quite happy with the way they turned out. They were inspired by the curves of a womam’s body and I wanted to create something with a strong simple line and form, and add a soft edge and detailed surface to contrast.

When wearing the earrings I noticed that the sun shines through the pierced pattern, creating a silhouette effect.

Patina Copper Jewellery


Here are the results of some of my experimentation with patinating etched copper. Looking back, I learnt a lot about how to work with the media, and had fun experimenting without knowing what the result would be.

I like this little range of jewellery because I think it is a good example of how I take inspiration from feminine influence in the past and use it to produce female jewellery that is contemporary of today. In this case, the influence was floral wallpaper from the likes of William Morris.

New Life Earrings

These are my new little babies. They are silver earrings with 24kt gold centres. They were the outcome of a goal I set myself which was to make some commercially viable, very wearable and sellable pieces. I wanted them to be refined but still retain the rough eaten effect I have been creating in other pieces.

I chose to name them ‘New Life’ Earrings because they were inspired by the phase of my life that I am going through at the moment where I am closing doors and chapters in my life and realising new avenues and directions. They also relate to nature and its natural process of endings and new and fresh beginnings, hence the organic feel about the earrings.

Reflections…You Made an Impression on Me

One Face has many Profiles

How true is it that one thing can be seen in so many different ways, similarly- one person or object may only reflect a certain characteristic or side to them depending on their environment or influence. So is it possible for one to be a true reflection of themself at one particular moment in time? Yes, maybe an aspect may shine through from their true character, but how many layers and depth of character does one person have…so then, do we choose our environments according to which of our own characteristics we want to shine through?

The more we look at something, the more we find because we look from different perspectives. The longer we know someone the more profiles we see to their faces. The more characteristics that shine through, the greater the impression.

I have applied this concept to the next two pieces. They are a reflection of different characteristics in different ways, and I used one method of creating the pattern to make an impression of the other…. I feel a good title to these pieces are:

Reflections…You made an impression on me.