Ribbon Rings

Here’s the next step in my ribbon rings! These were designed in Rhino and cast which allowed me to cut the flowers out accurately in a uniform manner. I millgrained the edges because I thought it would soften the look but I still feel the rings could look softer….

exhibition 032

I like the colour and contrast of the ribbon integrated with the silver.


Ribbon ring

I’ve been throwing around ideas for a ring that looks like lace or material wrapped around the finger…

jewellery 015

After doing a few sketches I moved on to other things, then after a few weeks I came acoss a prototype I made a couple of months ago which seemed to run with the same concept of material tied around the finger. Fancy that!

jewellery 004jewellery 002a

A few days later I saw this lace and it prompted me to expand onto my ideas and make another prototype

lace 016ajewellery 024a

I like the idea of incorperating ribbon to bring in colour and another layer and texture. I think the contrast to the silver works well. I am busy cutting some out in Rhino and would like to add some millgrain to the edges.

Beauty Within (Ring)

This locket ring with garnet follows the same concept as the locket I made previously; Precious beauty kept on the inside, away from harm, much like how people protect themselves from being hurt by creating a facade. I have pierced a pattern in the top lid, so that a slight hint of what is inside can be seen.