Some inspiration…

On a quest to find something to spark the inspiration I need to get going this year I found some little pleasures =) Thanks to this lovely site.

…It seems I’m not the only one with lace and ribbon on my mind.


Heather Smith Jones

I cant think of a better way to start a morning of creativity than by finding something inspiring, and today is my lucky day! I am delighted to share with you my new find, the work of Heather Smith Jones….

Pinhole patterns

Heather Smith Jones is a paper artist. She uses loads of wonderful techniques but it was her pinhole project that caught my eye immediately! It has such a fresh and delicate lace-like appeal to it and embodies the kind of spirit I hope to capture in my jewellery. It seemed to remind me of my ‘White Lace’ range…

white lace bangle

white lace bangle 2

I think the pinhole technique also reminds me of the intricate and time consuming process of lace weaving and how a dense amount of small, insignificant elements (holes or knots) can create something beautiful.

pinhole project2pinhole project2

Silhouette Earrings

pierced earrings 010a

I have just finished these earrings and am quite happy with the way they turned out. They were inspired by the curves of a womam’s body and I wanted to create something with a strong simple line and form, and add a soft edge and detailed surface to contrast.

When wearing the earrings I noticed that the sun shines through the pierced pattern, creating a silhouette effect.

design development

Sketch page copy

I’m always tearing out pictures from magazines that hold a certain quality or essence in them that I would like to capture in my jewellery. Often the pictures just have a particular detail that I like, or a tone I want to capture, or there will be colours, patterns or a line that I think I could take reference from when designing.

Above is a working page of some rough ideas I’m playing with that take reference from a magazine picture. My eye was drawn to the lines created by the model’s pose. I like the obscure strength of her stance that somehow also retains the soft nature of a woman’s body. The soft, textured fabric of her dress reminded me of a wax impression I made a while back .

Carla Nuis

Lately I’ve been looking at the work of Carla Nuis. I think the way that she uses pattern, negative space and simple form to to visually texture and bring to life flat surfaces is done very effctively. Her work, although seemingly simply at first glance, entices one to look longer and further and gain an appreciation for the detail that I think  makes the surfaces so tastefullybeautiful.

Here are some of my favourite pieces of hers:

carla nuis 1

Ball ring

carla nuis potato piece

To see more of  her work click here



I am currently exploring jewellery as an expression of identity, and making jewellery as an expression of myself as the maker.

In reflecting on the bangle that I have just made, I picked up on two aspects of myself that are being expressed.

Childhood Memories: I grew up in Zimbabwe in an old Rhodesian house with decorative iron burglar bars. I would lie in bed and stare at the patterns trying to see if I could make other patterns within them. I have seen some reminiscence of the elements from those burglar bars in my work (this bangle included). The use of these elements in my work is a connection to my childhood and upbringing.

My Femininity: I like to embrace and celebrate my femininity. I think that the qualities of a woman, both inside and out are a beautiful combination of strength and meekness. I think it is important to note that the lace-look I have chosen for this piece is a rugged lace, not refined and perfect. This is a representation of how I feel that although the nature of a woman is delicate and refined, each of use holds a unique strength and character. We may have flaws and faults but it’s the little knots and tassels that when woven together create a beautiful lacework.