Display ideas…

I have an exhibition approaching soon and need to figure out what my diplay is going to look like. I have a few ideas and would really like to know what you think of them or any further suggestions you may have…

Things I need to consider:

– The viewer must be able to interact with the jewellery on display (touch, look closely)

– The interchangeability and versatility of the jewellery must be evident.

– The display must be eye-catching and draw the viewer closer to look.

My first Idea was to take monotone photos of a model in various poses and print life-size areas of the photos (eg: neck) onto canvas. I will then attach my jewellery pieces onto the canvases in the appropriate areas. Jewellery pieces will also be displayed on surfaces attached to the walls below.


The second idea is to create segments in which each separate ‘range’ will be displayed. This will be done with the use of division boards. In each segment there will be photos as mentioned in the first idea, along with a plinth to display the jewellery pieces.



2 thoughts on “Display ideas…

  1. Hi Christy… I like the idea of the dividers and plinths… it almost invites a closer look… like peeping around a corner..

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