I am a contemporary jeweller based in the beautiful city of Durban, South Africa and I am very often inspired by the life around me. I draw a lot of inspiration from nature, pattern, antiques, textures, fashion, people, words and poetry.

My  fascination for old and antiquated items is often an influence on my design aesthetic. I am a strong believer in the beauty of something being held not so much in its outward appearance or material value, but in the story it holds. The beauty of something lying in the sentiment attached to it is a value that fascinates me, and is therefore a strong influence in my designing.

The techniques I use are chosen to create an old-world, worn look, as if the jewellery has been passed down from another generation. I love to experiment with different processes of manufacture and different materials. Often my fingers do my thinking, and my design process is progressive as I play around with metals and textures.

…This blog is a record of my journey as an artist, and a way to share the experience and inspiration with others*


6 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Hello Christy
    Thank you for leaving a post on my blog- it meant i coud discover yours 🙂
    your blog is really inspiring and love your jewellery.
    To your question- yes I take all my photos on my blog myself, i got myself a little snapshot digital last year and gotten into taken photos
    Looking forward to reading your future posts

  2. ola sou Brasileira e adorei seu trabalho, parabéns….hello I am Brazilian and I love your work, congratulations.

  3. Hi Christy-Anne! I found your blog and love your work. Do you have an email where I could ask some more questions about your work? Thanks so much!

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