Picturesque paper

Well, after a long break in my blogging I thought it was about time to start again, and with a little inspiration…

Here is beautifully textured work by Noriko Ambe that excites the senses of sight and touch quite effectively. The use of layering to  create depth is explored dramatically with stacks of white paper made in Japan called Yupo.

“I found that I am concerned less about the end, and more about the ‘doing’. The process of creating is equally as important as the finished work”.

Noriko Ambe (Daily Art Muse article)

… Now doesn’t that sound familiar?


Colour with enamel

I have been thinking about different ways to introduce variety in colour to the interchangeable elements in my new collection. I have thought about using enamel for some time but have been unsure how exactly.

After browsing through Etsy Metal I found some pierced work with enamel that had such a lacey feminine effect, as well as the use of piercing as a stencil for enamel. I think this would be an interesting way to add colour to my elements. Which technique do you find more appealing visually?

I think the affect of the enamel in conjunction with pierced pieces and the way it bulges and creates a soft edging is very effective in emulating a ‘lacy’ look.



These pieces can be found at Rubygirl.

Memory Blocks

I have just found the works of the artist Sid Dickens which has delighted me somewhat because It has opened my eyes to a new way that I can use patterning, layering and texture with my work.

He creates collections of tiles called ‘Memory blocks’ where each tile has a specific meaning or them, as does each collection, but they can be mixed and matched to create a ‘mosaic’ or ‘collage’ of tiles on the wall. I have been thinking a lot recently about broadening my work to encorperate wall pieces or wall coallages but have been quite overwhelmed as to how to put it all together, and seeing Sid Dickens’ work has encouraged me and made me realise that I can also tackle it in a number of small blocks, rather than hage overwhelming pieces.

Here are only a few of his tiles, there are so many! So hard to choose!

Miranda Meilleur

The work of Mirand Meilleur excites me so much!

She is a silversmith and creates a broken-down, eaten away effect while still retaining a refined sophistication to her work which I think is so beautiful, and it is something that I am trying to accomplish in my own work. She makes a lot of silver bowls and metal table-mats with pierced out and etched patterning.

Here are some examples of her work. She also uses a lot of patterned and textured elements in contrast with clean, bare surfaces.

I would like to experiment with and branch into trying to use my metalsmithing skills to make other forms of ornamentation and art such as wall pieces, metal collages or table décor. I think I will find this rewarding, as it is very much the design and manufacturing process that I enjoy the most, and I think this will open up my avenues and enrich my jewellery.

emotive references

At the moment I am busy sourcing up references that will lead me to my next phase of manufacture. There is a lot building up that I am excited for, I’m just struggling to find the energy to put the motivation into action….

I found a flicker page today by confusedvision with photo’s that really tugged at something inside me! I think they are so beautiful in the way they have such an immense emotive quality! I am no photographer or expert in the field in any way, but the use of composition, colour, and textures in the scenes are captivating! I also feel like the pictures have a ‘painted’ quality about them.

Here are just a few, but I recommend checking out the site!