For the ‘Memories’ exhibition at ARTISAN Gallery I wanted to draw from positive experiential memories in my own life, but translate them in a way that they would trigger a similar experience in the viewer’s memory. This evolved from memories of certain stimuli to different senses that I thought people might relate to such as…’the sun on my skin and life in the air’ or ‘it was then I found peace’…I chose to use wording to create a picture, ambiguous enough to simply start a thought or memory process.

My choice to use the form of flower petals relates back to memories I have of being in the garden, a place of joy for me. The petal I use as a metaphor to life’s experiences; just as one or two petals seem purposeless on their own, when composed together they are something extraordinary and beautiful. In life, small meaningless experiences when seen later in a bigger picture, can become a very special and integral part of who we are. It is these small, maybe simple but special moments that I chose to capture as petals of my life flower.

The chips of ceramic were from broken tea cups- also relating back to memories of my Grandmothers.

House and Leisure magazine’s ‘item of the day’

House and Leisure magazine have picked one of my patina jewellery pieces as their ‘item of the day’ today – how exciting!

They’ve written a lovely article to go along with it so have a look…

Shades of green

If you live in Durban, pop in to Artisan Contemporary Gallery from 8 June and check out the jewellery on exhibition.

The theme is “Shades of green” for which we were encouraged to take a ‘going green’ approach to our jewellery that we made for the exhibition. Initially I thought this would be quite difficult, but soon realised that it’s the small things that make a difference too. I used some ceramic pieces from broken vases in a sense of recycling, and designed in a way that would use minimal soldering which in turn uses less gasses and chemical acids. I also made a concerted effort throughout my working process to use as little water and electricity as possible. These are all new habits I am hoping to keep from now on…

For something that started out rather tentatively, I have to say I enjoyed this new approach and the nudge to think outside my box was like a breath of fresh air…I recomend you try it!

CHIC Magazine Launch

Saturday was the launch of Durban’s new magazine CHIC (Current, Hip, Inspired, Creatives) at cocktail lounge Fetish. Thanks to CHIC editor Sumaiya Wilson and creative director Phillisha Paridesi, the evening was quite an event! Check out what ‘devour‘ had to say…

Durbanites, keep an eye out for the free magazine in shopping malls…you’ll find a little insight into Christy-Anne jewellery on page 25.

Showcasing my work

Fashion show by Bianca Kim Clothing

Many thanks to Samantha Legg Photography for capturing the event.