Enamel earrings

Here’s some result from my efforts at enamelling; a few pairs of earrings. At a showday I had recently it was these earrings that received the most attention of all my jewellery but interestingly, every person that ordered them wanted them in silver…I’m not too sure what to think of that?

Black enamel earringSmall white enamel earring

White enamel earrings


Silhouette Earrings

pierced earrings 010a

I have just finished these earrings and am quite happy with the way they turned out. They were inspired by the curves of a womam’s body and I wanted to create something with a strong simple line and form, and add a soft edge and detailed surface to contrast.

When wearing the earrings I noticed that the sun shines through the pierced pattern, creating a silhouette effect.

Interchangeable Jewellery

” By wearing, owning and interacting with jewellery, we breathe new life into it. We activate it and set it on a life-long journey to collect and absorb its surroundings…’New’ jewellery has yet to find its vocation; yet to acquire the associations and values of a person’s life to shape its identity.”

Lin Cheung, New Directions in Jewellery II, Black Dog Publishing, 2006

The inter-changeable jewellery that I am working on at the moment only really becomes a piece of jewellery and comes to life when compiled and put together by the wearer to be worn. In this way I feel the wearer will be interacting with it and giving it a unique identity relating to their own.

Here are the beginnings of my range…





Patina Copper Jewellery


Here are the results of some of my experimentation with patinating etched copper. Looking back, I learnt a lot about how to work with the media, and had fun experimenting without knowing what the result would be.

I like this little range of jewellery because I think it is a good example of how I take inspiration from feminine influence in the past and use it to produce female jewellery that is contemporary of today. In this case, the influence was floral wallpaper from the likes of William Morris.

Victorian Patterned Bangle

Inspired by a patterned clay pot I bought earlier this year (see older posts) I designed a pattern and pierced it out to use as an impression. When it came out on the pieces I cast it was so beautiful! Some areas had been pushed out of the pattern while others held and it had such and old worldly, Victorian feel. As soon as I saw the piece I knew it had to be a bangle! so, voila!!!