This flower was picked and given to me not so long ago. It was a small and simple flower but it had the most amazing colour and vibrance to it! I strted to think how I could capture something similar in jewellery because it was so beautifully femanine to me and so vavaceous. I think I’d like to try recapturing it’s spirit with enamel.

Here is a picture of the flower and a poem I wrote about it:


One flower,picked

so simply

A symbol of what’s in the heart

when words are not enough

and baring wounds are hard.

Petals as fragile as memories-

seams unravelling at ends.

Colour that promises the world

a joy that heals and mends.

One flower, given

so simply

a gift so small and sweet.

but behind it there lies a love

open and begging to keep.

Those petals may whither and die.

The colour may fade and stain,

but the promise behind one gesture

so simply

will remain.



Do we do what we say and say what we think
or do we say what we think we do?
Complexities compiled, boxed and bricked
to fit on a shelf, filed and fixed
or focussed on feeling and felt?

Discribed and dissolved, dealing and dealt
dimensions and doors ignored.
Divine interlude, diffused and amused
and perfectly pardoned apart.

Cleaned and closed and stringently dosed
defining and digging its grave.
Diligently dull and pining to sell
it servantly longs to save.

So lift and left, lightened with life
and listen with wing overhead.
To sigh and sing and sift to swell
a delight in a life not death.

Dance of the ribbon

A surge from behind and tumbling forward
a ribbon unfolds the black.
uncovering the sinking and propelling it on
no motion of turning back.It flies ahead
a dance of red and delight.
Moon-lit skies and death-empty nights
consumed with the pain that soils another heart
and washes my hands
clean with guilt.
a hole Time decaying in motion
erroding into a beauty not seen

but felt.

To See The World in a Grain of Sand….

” To see the world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour.”

William Blake

This is probably one of my all time favourite quotes and is it not so true?
The mundane specks of sand in one’s everyday desert, may seem like the bud of inspiration in another person’s field of blossoms!

Our lives are our inspiration, and we need to open our eyes and draw from it because it is a continuous source of creativity… We will never be able to grow a bud in a desert! How important is it then, to plant that field of blossoms and nurture the field continuously. Like a sponge, we need to suck up and absorb what surrounds us, and the more there is to soak in, the less we have to squeeze for something to drip out.

Let our lives be our inspiration, fueled by our hearts and minds, and let our hands be the tools that make tangible what we feel inside.

I read a quote by Julia Cameron the other day that springs to mind;

“The artist brain cannot be reached -or triggered- effectively by words alone. The artist brain is the sensory brain -sight and sound, smell and taste, touch.”

Ref: Marilyn Zelinsky, The Inspired Workspace , Designs for Creativity and Productivity, Rockport Publishers, 2002