Jewellery as a tool for expression

I have been interested in the work of Anna Lorich for some time. The jewellery she makes deals with a number of issues, most of them revolving around and dealing with personal identity. Lorich sees her work as a reflection of who she is, using the creative process to question and search for her identity. She uses a number of themes such as landscapes, portraits and decorative elements as representations of issues such as relationships, memories, childhood and religion.


Landscape Ring, Anna Lorich


Brooches, Anna Lorich

I am also exploring the use of jewellery as a means of personal expression in my work at the moment. What I am focussing on, however is not so much jewellery being used as a tool of expression by its maker, but more by its wearer.

Anna Lorich chooses to use themes in the jewellery she makes as a representation of her own identity. In a similar way, I am choosing to make elements of jewellery which I hope people will choose to wear as a representation of certain aspects of their character.


Inspiring work

I’m very excited! On one of my journeys through the net I found some beautiful work by the artist Anna Lorich.Here work examplifies the strength of evokation and the emotive quality which I am striving for, yet her peices retain an air of simplicity and peace. I love the use of different mediums and have been inspired by her work to go back to my experimenting that I was doing last year with the use of pictues and resin and enamel in my work. I think the choice and use of different mediums can enhance the endearing warmth that I feel is lacking in my jewellery.

Here are some brooches of hers: