Play time…

I’m sure I have mentioned before that I have always been a bit of a ‘collector’ as I like to call it. I have a huge box of ribbons and lace that has slowly grown over the years, old coins with different shades of patina, old writing paper and photographs, jewellery and little boxes and old vintage books with their stained pages and musty smells …I’ve held onto and kept these things and for some reason and because of this, whether I can identify the reason or not, it gives them worth.

I had a moment of slight epiphany the other day when I realised that a lot of the things are held onto because I felt I could use them to make something ‘special’ or they had a quality I wanted to use or capture…and so the decision was made to do just that!

Here are some playful pieces that were the result of a morning of rummaging through all my little collections and boxes and just creating with no plan really:


Enamel earrings

Here’s some result from my efforts at enamelling; a few pairs of earrings. At a showday I had recently it was these earrings that received the most attention of all my jewellery but interestingly, every person that ordered them wanted them in silver…I’m not too sure what to think of that?

Black enamel earringSmall white enamel earring

White enamel earrings

Ribbon Rings

Here’s the next step in my ribbon rings! These were designed in Rhino and cast which allowed me to cut the flowers out accurately in a uniform manner. I millgrained the edges because I thought it would soften the look but I still feel the rings could look softer….

exhibition 032

I like the colour and contrast of the ribbon integrated with the silver.

Interchangeable Jewellery

” By wearing, owning and interacting with jewellery, we breathe new life into it. We activate it and set it on a life-long journey to collect and absorb its surroundings…’New’ jewellery has yet to find its vocation; yet to acquire the associations and values of a person’s life to shape its identity.”

Lin Cheung, New Directions in Jewellery II, Black Dog Publishing, 2006

The inter-changeable jewellery that I am working on at the moment only really becomes a piece of jewellery and comes to life when compiled and put together by the wearer to be worn. In this way I feel the wearer will be interacting with it and giving it a unique identity relating to their own.

Here are the beginnings of my range…





Stock for San La Mer

I must apologise for the recent lack in blogging. I’ve been busy at work making stock for various affairs so I thought it was about time to post on a bit of what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.

I was asked to send up some jewellery to the golfing resort ‘San La Mer’ for an arts shop they’ve put together over December. Here’s a peek at some of the work I sent up: