Shades of green

If you live in Durban, pop in to Artisan Contemporary Gallery from 8 June and check out the jewellery on exhibition.

The theme is “Shades of green” for which we were encouraged to take a ‘going green’ approach to our jewellery that we made for the exhibition. Initially I thought this would be quite difficult, but soon realised that it’s the small things that make a difference too. I used some ceramic pieces from broken vases in a sense of recycling, and designed in a way that would use minimal soldering which in turn uses less gasses and chemical acids. I also made a concerted effort throughout my working process to use as little water and electricity as possible. These are all new habits I am hoping to keep from now on…

For something that started out rather tentatively, I have to say I enjoyed this new approach and the nudge to think outside my box was like a breath of fresh air…I recomend you try it!