Some inspiration…

On a quest to find something to spark the inspiration I need to get going this year I found some little pleasures =) Thanks to this lovely site.

…It seems I’m not the only one with lace and ribbon on my mind.



I have been thinking of an appropriate name I can call this new collection of mine and I’m almost sold on the name Re-collect. I like the idea that it synthesises two different words and concepts that actually, arn’t too different or far apart when you take a deeper look at them. The pieces of jewellery I made were about me re-collecting my bits and pieces, and at the same time recollecting memories that were sparked by the momentos or ‘little treasures’. These little momentos were kept to remind me of something; be it a feeling, a quality or a memory that I wanted to capture and recollect again, and in doing so I re-collected.

…What do you think?

Play time…

I’m sure I have mentioned before that I have always been a bit of a ‘collector’ as I like to call it. I have a huge box of ribbons and lace that has slowly grown over the years, old coins with different shades of patina, old writing paper and photographs, jewellery and little boxes and old vintage books with their stained pages and musty smells …I’ve held onto and kept these things and for some reason and because of this, whether I can identify the reason or not, it gives them worth.

I had a moment of slight epiphany the other day when I realised that a lot of the things are held onto because I felt I could use them to make something ‘special’ or they had a quality I wanted to use or capture…and so the decision was made to do just that!

Here are some playful pieces that were the result of a morning of rummaging through all my little collections and boxes and just creating with no plan really: