Thinking out of my box…

The time of the year has come for the Plat Africa competition. We have to base our piece on the courting traditions of a South African culture group. Coming from KwaZulu Natal it is apt that our pieces are based on the Zulu culture.

I have to admit that I am struggling to design something that captures our theme but still lies within my personal style. It has been a big challenge for me because my work generally has a very organic flow to it and I have worked through numerous designs and prototypes to try and incorperate it somehow into the structured geometric designs of the Zulu culture.

sketches 1sketches 2

sketches 3

The above sketches show me working through ideas to integrate what I’m doing with my personal work and our Zulu symbol that my group chose. I had an idea of using wire elements woven together to look like lace, but it did not fit with our concept and metal restrictions well. I do however, want to take it further to use in my personal work…

Platinum test piece 1

My next attempt was to incorperate ribbon to bring in the colour combination and the Zulu symbol we chose, but this was quite a disaster I think, the ribbon was too wide and the symbol got lost between all the weaving in and out…

Flavours exhibition 002

So now I am onto my next prototype, third time lucky I hope!


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