Stands for my jewellery

I’ve been busy working on the presentation of my jewellery for the FLAVOURS Exhibition. I’ve been making stands to display it on which I originally wanted to make detachable by making a little box under the tops to slip the base into like so…

exhibition 011exhibition 003

It proved to be a bit unstable and messy looking so I decided to rather screw the bases and tops together…

exhibition 002exhibition 020exhibition 024

I want to create a clean white effect but not stark white so I painted them with a wash to allow the wood to show through a bit which came out really well, and I covered the tops with some embossed paper to give them a nice, sophisticated finish. Now I just need to figure out how the jewellery is going to be displayed on the tops. I think I’m going to use clear perspex to create different levels. I’ve been setting up mock layouts at home to try figure everything out, it’s all a lot more time consuming than one would think!

exhibition 042exhibition 045


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