I am currently exploring jewellery as an expression of identity, and making jewellery as an expression of myself as the maker.

In reflecting on the bangle that I have just made, I picked up on two aspects of myself that are being expressed.

Childhood Memories: I grew up in Zimbabwe in an old Rhodesian house with decorative iron burglar bars. I would lie in bed and stare at the patterns trying to see if I could make other patterns within them. I have seen some reminiscence of the elements from those burglar bars in my work (this bangle included). The use of these elements in my work is a connection to my childhood and upbringing.

My Femininity: I like to embrace and celebrate my femininity. I think that the qualities of a woman, both inside and out are a beautiful combination of strength and meekness. I think it is important to note that the lace-look I have chosen for this piece is a rugged lace, not refined and perfect. This is a representation of how I feel that although the nature of a woman is delicate and refined, each of use holds a unique strength and character. We may have flaws and faults but it’s the little knots and tassels that when woven together create a beautiful lacework.


2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I definaitly agree with you. Jewellery is a great expression of self. I am a jeweller from Sydney Australia, and I design and handcraft individual pieces of jewellery for my clients, this jewellery ranges from expressing their love and the promise of their life together in an engagement ring to representing all the memories and future memories that need to be expressed in an anniversary gift to someone you have spend most of your life with.

    I also have clients who simply want to express themselves as loudly and noticablly as possible by using different and colourful gemstones that really draw the eye.

    Jewellery is a great medium to do this with because over time it really becomes part of the wearers persona and the wearer gets to associate and attach different memeories with their jewellery.

    Eskae Jeweller

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