Has the function of jewellery been lost?

After doing some research I found it quite interesting that it is very hard to find contemporary jewellers who make jewellery specifically for, or with the expression of its wearer in mind. I found this very intriguing that one of the oldest crafts in history and means of ornamentation that originated around the world as a means of expression for the wearer has started to lose its original purpose…or has it?

I speak from personal experience when I say that as a contemporary jeweller, the ‘artist’ and ‘creator’ in me seems to only be satisfied when making a piece of jewellery where the only reference to the wearer is how the piece will fit on the body. It is satisfying to see the finished product appreciated and worn by someone, but only after the creation process has taken place. Is this strange? Has contemporary jewellery or ‘art jewellery’ become so far removed from its original function that function other than artistic expression is not even considered anymore?

Lin Cheung is a jeweller who makes jewellery for the wearer, and considers the function and meaning given to jewellery by its wearer.




Some work by Lin Cheung ^


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