Jewellery as a tool for expression

I have been interested in the work of Anna Lorich for some time. The jewellery she makes deals with a number of issues, most of them revolving around and dealing with personal identity. Lorich sees her work as a reflection of who she is, using the creative process to question and search for her identity. She uses a number of themes such as landscapes, portraits and decorative elements as representations of issues such as relationships, memories, childhood and religion.


Landscape Ring, Anna Lorich


Brooches, Anna Lorich

I am also exploring the use of jewellery as a means of personal expression in my work at the moment. What I am focussing on, however is not so much jewellery being used as a tool of expression by its maker, but more by its wearer.

Anna Lorich chooses to use themes in the jewellery she makes as a representation of her own identity. In a similar way, I am choosing to make elements of jewellery which I hope people will choose to wear as a representation of certain aspects of their character.


5 thoughts on “Jewellery as a tool for expression

  1. Thats funny we were discussing in class today about “expressing your self” through the jewellery we make. We trying to define what expressing your self really means. Is it being in Allegiance with an idea or thing? Going for or against something. What do you think the need to “express one’self” comes from?

  2. I think it can be either and it’s something that varies from person to person. I was reading a book recently by Julian Robinson called ‘The Quest for Human Beauty’ 1998 which spoke of human beings’ reaction to change and how the pace that our environments are changing today causes us to feel constantly out of place. This could be a reason for one’s need to express themselves as an individual being influenced by so many different external factors, almost like the only constant is yourself.

    Maybe it’s the need to be noticed, or for some the need to fit in and feel accepted? For some it could be a way not fitting in but simply becoming comfortable with themselves. I think that much like the step from thinking something to actually saying it out loud, expression through dress can be the same. An outward demonstration is like an act of confidence.

  3. Christy

    I agree that with the world changing or things changing around us we need to assert who we are more. I always feel like the way I’m dressed will speak for me even when I can’t or when I don’t have the energy to speak. When I feel a lot of change happening in my life, I have wear something that reminds me who i am. Maybe we use what we wear and accessories to remind us who we are even in the chaos!!! Chaos is everywhere.

  4. I personally feel that a designer’s jewelry can be a strong expression of his/her character whether it is expressed in colors, trends, designs, or even stone assembly.

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