I have always seen colour as a prominant form of expression, and a telling sign for people’s moods and personalities. I therefor, think that a main componant in interchangeable jewellery should be the variation of colour.

I have always been a collector of arbitrary things that I like the look or feel of in some way. This little habit has resulted in a box of assorted ribbons and lace in different sizes, textures and colours.I thought this would be a nice way to incorperate colour into my jewellery, enabling the wearer to build up their own little collection of cords, laces, ribbons etc.

Due to the recent credit crunch and recession in the economy,as well as an emerging consciousness for the planet, people are becoming a lot more aware of re-using and recycling. Being able to re-use ribbon, lace or cords from packaging, presents or gran’s old sewing cupboard and incorperate it into your jewellery is quite a fun concept I think.