This flower was picked and given to me not so long ago. It was a small and simple flower but it had the most amazing colour and vibrance to it! I strted to think how I could capture something similar in jewellery because it was so beautifully femanine to me and so vavaceous. I think I’d like to try recapturing it’s spirit with enamel.

Here is a picture of the flower and a poem I wrote about it:


One flower,picked

so simply

A symbol of what’s in the heart

when words are not enough

and baring wounds are hard.

Petals as fragile as memories-

seams unravelling at ends.

Colour that promises the world

a joy that heals and mends.

One flower, given

so simply

a gift so small and sweet.

but behind it there lies a love

open and begging to keep.

Those petals may whither and die.

The colour may fade and stain,

but the promise behind one gesture

so simply

will remain.


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