The Durban University of Technology’s Jewellery Department had our end of year Jewellery exhibition Diploma show on Tuesday night. I thought it was a very successful display of some of the talent in our midst. A congratulations to all the graduating third years! There’s definately some talented jewellers breaking into the scene! Another congratulations to the graduating B-Tech students! They set a high standard for us next year with some wonderful displays. Here are the three graduants’ displays and some of their work, which I have no doubt will start becoming familiar in the industry!


Above is a display by Kelly Meyer who makes jewellery under the name ‘Fusion’ where she links the gap between ‘commercial’ jewellery and gothic jewellery. Here are some of her most recent pieces:2008-diploma-show-0042008-diploma-show-006

Nick Rose who makes jewellery under the name ‘Cyber Alchemist’ explores industrial materials being used in a non conventional way to make jewellery. His work incorperates technology and jewellery in an interactive dimension. Here are some pictures of his display and work:



Sofia Kemm‘s jewellery has a very classical, Victorian feel to it and she captured this well with her display:



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