Yesterday while looking up the meaning of value, I realised that up until now I have had a somewhat primary understanding of the word and the meaning it holds. Especially being something so closely related to what I do! I’m not going to go into the whole load down of everything, but simply comment on some factors that intrestd me.

Value can be subcategorised into absolute value and relative value. Relative value is considered subjective and varies across different cultures and people. It is this relative value that I think applies to or work as artists.

It can also be subcategorised further into intrinsic value and instrumental value. The intrinsic value of something belongs to it by its very nature, wheras an instrumental value of something is its value in ameans of acheiving something else, ie- a radio is very valuable for listening to music.

What I find so interesting about this particularly, is that as a jeweller or artist we create something and through the creation process are instiling an intrinsic value into something. We can however, manipulate this intrinsic value to become an instrumental value as well.

On the other hand, I think a jeweller can make a piece of jewellery with an instrumental value such as a wedding ring, and over time it is able to obtain an intrinsic value. For example, If I was to receive a wedding ring that had been passed down from my great grandmother to my gran to my mother, and now me, the instrinsic value of it to me would be that of a family heirloom and a personal connection to the piece of jewellery.

The distinction line of value therefore becomes less black and white when relating it to the value of jewellery, and I think that it comes back to its relative value.

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