Memory Blocks

I have just found the works of the artist Sid Dickens which has delighted me somewhat because It has opened my eyes to a new way that I can use patterning, layering and texture with my work.

He creates collections of tiles called ‘Memory blocks’ where each tile has a specific meaning or them, as does each collection, but they can be mixed and matched to create a ‘mosaic’ or ‘collage’ of tiles on the wall. I have been thinking a lot recently about broadening my work to encorperate wall pieces or wall coallages but have been quite overwhelmed as to how to put it all together, and seeing Sid Dickens’ work has encouraged me and made me realise that I can also tackle it in a number of small blocks, rather than hage overwhelming pieces.

Here are only a few of his tiles, there are so many! So hard to choose!


2 thoughts on “Memory Blocks

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a Sid Dickens problem! I have more than the ones in that photo on my blog. Each one is so unique. I love the old architectural look to them, too. I looked in your Etsy shop and really like your jewelry! Now I’m going to have a look around on your blog. 🙂

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