Fun with Titanium!

I have to admit that I really enjoyed experimenting with and learning how to anodise titanium! Bellow is a photo of stage 2 of the layered picture I was working on before… I’m not quite sure what to do with it now, but I’m happy to keep it to look at every now and then as a reminder of what can be done, and I have no doubt that something beautiful will be born from my hands one day as a result of this.


2 thoughts on “Fun with Titanium!

  1. Hey Christy! I love the patternted you used on the titanium, It so different, I got excited just looking at these pieces.

  2. hey wonderfully fantastically designed piece of jewellery or should i say a wonderfully fantasticly designed master piece hope your tallent and pashion for your work grows tremendously well

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