Miranda Meilleur

The work of Mirand Meilleur excites me so much!

She is a silversmith and creates a broken-down, eaten away effect while still retaining a refined sophistication to her work which I think is so beautiful, and it is something that I am trying to accomplish in my own work. She makes a lot of silver bowls and metal table-mats with pierced out and etched patterning.

Here are some examples of her work. She also uses a lot of patterned and textured elements in contrast with clean, bare surfaces.

I would like to experiment with and branch into trying to use my metalsmithing skills to make other forms of ornamentation and art such as wall pieces, metal collages or table décor. I think I will find this rewarding, as it is very much the design and manufacturing process that I enjoy the most, and I think this will open up my avenues and enrich my jewellery.


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