Reflections…You Made an Impression on Me

One Face has many Profiles

How true is it that one thing can be seen in so many different ways, similarly- one person or object may only reflect a certain characteristic or side to them depending on their environment or influence. So is it possible for one to be a true reflection of themself at one particular moment in time? Yes, maybe an aspect may shine through from their true character, but how many layers and depth of character does one person have…so then, do we choose our environments according to which of our own characteristics we want to shine through?

The more we look at something, the more we find because we look from different perspectives. The longer we know someone the more profiles we see to their faces. The more characteristics that shine through, the greater the impression.

I have applied this concept to the next two pieces. They are a reflection of different characteristics in different ways, and I used one method of creating the pattern to make an impression of the other…. I feel a good title to these pieces are:

Reflections…You made an impression on me.




One thought on “Reflections…You Made an Impression on Me

  1. can i just say once again your work is marvelous keep it up love the whole identity concept behind your ideas .if i were not broke half the time i would actually buy your whole collection

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