Half Year Display

These are Pictures of my half year display I set up at tech recently. Because there are so many other things I explored as a journey up to making my jewellery, I found it difficult to show everything in the display in order to create a context for my pieces, but at the same time, keep it from becoming too much and ditracting from the jewellery.

I layed everything out in a progression, almost as it happened, starting with my journal, test pieces, leading on to printing and paper embossing, followed by clay and wax work, then it all culminated to one point which was my cuff, and that lead on to a collection of smaller peices inspired by the technique used in the cuff.

After looking at my display, I realised that in the future I need to isolate pieces more, almost creating a little atmosphere or context for each piece rather than such a broad overview, because apart from the cuff, the other jewellery pieces didn’t seem to speak out as much as I think they could.

Because my display was more or a long line of progression of my work and exploration, I thought the photographs of the display would be a lot more affective if I took close ups of each section and compiled them all together in a collage. I think it worked more effectively than the photo I took of the entire display.


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