Not just a cup of tea! ……

Sitting in my kitchen this morning I was in a daze of thought as my eyes brushed over my tea cup that was on the table. Almost subconsciously they focused on a reflection in the tea of the lacey curtain that shades the window above, and then the different reflections of light bouncing off the surface. Immediately I thought of a discussion I had yesterday with Chris about if our eyes consciously focus on something, they often miss everything else that is around that thing, or all the factors in the atmosphere around it that contribute to what that thing actually is. If we ‘look’ at something, however, but make our eye aware of the surroundings- we get a vague understanding of other layers that play a part in the context of that which we are looking at. So this morning when I was not purposefully ‘looking’ at my tea cup, my eyes were focusing on and picking up other things which normally would not have been noticed.

The reflection of the lace licking the surface of the tea while shapes of reflections, shadows and light bounced off and sunk into it had such a beautiful effect with all the different layers it created. What seemed to just be tea, turned into a collage of elements abstracted from my surroundings. This was such a delightful connection for me to my work at the moment, layers of elements that ignite recognition….


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