This week I have found myself asking a lot of questions and contemplating aspects of decoration that I had not previously given much thought to…

In the Victorian era in particular, but still up until this day, people decorated themselves and their surroundings with such extravagance in order to demonstrate their wealth…why feel the need to demonstrate the wealth you have? Is it absence of personal wealth and richness within one’s self that one needs to replace it? Yes, for some it brings satisfaction to display and gain acceptance from others through it, but why?

When we decorate and enhance the beauty of something( including ourselves) is it a form of appreciation to accentuate the beauty, or is it the lack thereof , that makes us feel the need to create beauty on the mundane in order to appreciate it, or acquire appreciation from others?

Or is pattern and decoration and ornamentation, all just forms of expression, an appreciation and representation of the beauty of character inside us that we are so scared to surface and therefore acknowledge it in other things?


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